01 pure portrait - Eva Koch

Eva, one of the faces behind the journal, is one of those women that exudes radiance - my go to for inspiring & spiritual insights. She is an exceptionally talented writer. Her softly fearless heart comes through in everything she brings to paper.

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Hi, my name is Eva. I’m a Taurus, my ascendant is cancer and I have a very dominant Sagittarius side. I’m grounded, practical, optimistic, intuitive, warm and curious, but I’m also self-questioning, restless, stubborn and impatient.‍

01 What do you love about yourself?

My curiosity for life. I love to learn, approach every person and every topic with an open mind and never stop trying new things.

02 What is your mantra? / What is your favourite quote?

Grateful for where I’m at

Excited about where I’m going

03 What is the best advice someone has given to you?

You are perfect the way you are. This advice opened my eyes to the fact that sometimes we also need to pause for a minute and acknowledge ourselves as wonderful and already perfect beings.

04 What does well-being mean to you?

Everything. For me, well-being is what life is all about. Wherever you get it from - be it travel, intimate friendships, routines - it gives you the strength and energy to perceive life as a gift and not as a burden.

I love to learn, approach every person and every topic with an open mind and never stop trying new things.

05 You have an evening to yourself. What does it look like?

First of all, I cook myself a delicious dinner with lots of vegetables. Then I take a shower, put on something really comfortable and do a yin yoga session. If something is on my mind that deserves some attention, I take my journal and write down everything that comes to my mind. Often the problem solves itself while writing.

Finally, I read my book or watch a movie that no one else would want to watch with me.

06 What are your three favourite books?

It changes every 2 months since I’m reading quite a lot, but these are some classics for me:

1. Everything from the Dalai Lama (his view of life is one worth living by)

2. Eat, Pray, Love (I just love the combination of traveling, spirituality and lots of pasta)

3. 7 habits of highly effective people (a big recommendation for everyone interested in self-development)

A picture of femble which shows how you can leave your comfort zone through a mindful routine.

07 What habit have you incorporated into your daily life over the past few years that has changed your life?

My diet. In the past I often had a cold, stomach-ache and was tired a lot. Today I am full of energy and I owe this feeling of life solely to my healthy, plant-based diet.