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Christina is a herbalist, online marketer & the founder of Matcha Mornings - a podcast & online magazine about holistic wellbeing & modern spirituality. She is one of the greatest powerhouses we know & her ability to balance her podcast, herbalist workshops & growing an online business will blow your mind.

A pure portrait by femble with founder of Matcha Mornings Christina Danetzky

We have a real thing for women who seem to effortlessly juggle many hats; Christina definitely fits this description: a herbalist, online-marketer, the founder of a podcast & online magazine Matcha Mornings on holistic wellbeing. All of this wisdom fuses together harmoniously within her and Christina radiates balance and confidence; she leaves a lasting impression on everyone she meets. She inspires us with her elevated yet grounded energy and positive, hands-on character.

Matcha Mornings is more than just an online magazine, Christina shares her extensive knowledge of running a holistic business, digital marketing and other inspiring topics around holistic wellbeing - and inspires hundreds of people in Germany and Austria. She does this not only through her blog, but also several social media platforms and her own podcast - adding so much value to each and every person who comes into contact with her and her company.

We hope you enjoy our authentic, short and sweet, yet insightful conversation with Christina.

Pure Portrait

What do you love about yourself?

My „always open to learning“-mentality.

What is your favorite quote?

“When you know how to listen, everybody is the guru.” - Ram Dass

What is the best advice someone has given to you?

Start ugly.

What does well-being mean to you?

How in sync we are with nature & our heart's desires.

You have an evening to yourself. What does it look like?

Reading about nature & plants, eating sweets & probably watching Netflix tbh. Or practicing a very soothing meditation.

What are your three favourite books?

Maggie Nelson, Bluets

Be Here Here Now, Ram Dass

The Signature of All Things, Elisabeth Gilbert

What habit have you incorporated into your daily life over the past few years that has changed your life?

Regular long walks in a nature. I feel a true sense of connectedness there.

What advice would you give to your younger self?

Stop making yourself small. Speak your mind. Only do things you really feel like doing.

The only person standing in your way is yourself.

What obstacle did you have to overcome to become the woman you are today?

Self worth issues, keeping myself small, living on autopilot.

Overcame that thanks to a ton of shadow work & inner child healing with To Be Magnetic.

Stop making yourself small. Speak your mind.

What do you do when you‘re not feeling well? Do you have certain self-care activities that help you ground yourself again?

Walks in nature.

Not consuming any media.

Giving my brain space to recalibrate.


Checking in with my vision of my ideal day & life.

Drinking milky oats & nettle to replenish my nervous system.

I feel most creatively fulfilled when...I am creating content for my website & connecting with others. When I can share my message.

Thank you!

Thank you Christina for your words of wisdom you can learn more about what Matcha Mornings offers here.


photo credits: Sabine Reiter

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