Working with science and medicine right from the start

The moon-pad is the wearable and portable heat-source for your menstruation, meditation and rituals.Button Textf

Coming soon - but know that you are not alone.

190.000.000 womxn suffer from endometriosis globally. Hardly anyone cares. We do. With femble we are becoming loud. Loud in our way. It is time to raise the awarness needed to close the massive knowledge gap.

A young woman relaxing due to the soothing warmth of the moon-pad

A silent epidemic

Even though the fem-disease has been documented centuries ago already, diagnosis still takes averagely up to 10 years. We can´t watch any longer and work on a digital solution to generate the data needed.

A digital support solution

It´s our goal to work together with governments. This means a long road ahead - we know that. That´s why we already started a research concept to bring a medical in-app integration to the cycle-companion app.

Do you have endometriosis?

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