What does femble stand for?

At femble® we are dedicated to the daily wellbeing. As a European Start-Up we develop innovative and smart heat-sources which are designed in particular for women.

What is the moon-pad?

The moon-pad is a rechargeable heating pad for women's abdomen. Bringing together the power of soothing heat & the art of aesthetics we want to help you come back to yourself. In comparison to hot-water bottles the moon-pad is light and wearable.

Which materials are sourced?

The moon-pad is made using the finest materials and smart textiles to facilitate those moments of wellbeing.

When do I use the moon-pad?

Essentially, the moon-pad can be used in any kind of situation when we feel like taking a mindful pause, when we feel cold or when we, as women, experience a lack of energy (be it menstruation, digestive issues or hormonal imbalances).

How does the moon-pad work?

By using the latest technology we make sure the moon-pad distributes soothing heat around the whole surface which you can bring wherever you want and whenever you want.

Will femble launch other products?

With the moon-pad being femble’s first sustainable wellbeing tool there is more to come for a multisensory experience.

How can I stay up to date?

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The moon-pad from femble heat pad for the lower belly for period pain
The moon-pad from femble heat pad for the lower belly for period pain
The moon-pad from femble heat pad for the lower belly for period pain
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  • super slim and wearable under your clothes
  • soft peace-silk cover
  • up to 6h of soothing warmth
  • shape holds the moon-pad in position
  • iOS and Android App coming soon (Sleep Mode, Meditation Mode, More Heat Levels)
  • 30 day money back guarantee when we launch
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