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With femble we build the first female health platform where you can build your audience while fighting misinformation on the internet.

7 out of 10 women tend to use "Dr. Google" and "Prof. TikTok" for health-care advice, despite the fact the find a lot of misleading content.

Femble is here to change that.

Some of your colleagues already performing on femble.

Health-Experts all around the world already started to produce information in a way new generations like it. We help you get started with our free social media training.

Dr. Amanda Morelli

Gut Expert, USA

Dr. Bettina von Seefried

Gynaecologist, Switzerland

Dr. Liza Klassen

Hormone Expert, USA

Dr. Dorothea Bortels

Gynaecologist, Germany

What we want to offer you

On femble you as a certified health expert are the star

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Reach thousands of women near you or around the globe. Become a thought leader in your preferred area of expertise.

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In person or online crash course on how to produce viral content hosted by experts.

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Requirements to join:

Verified expert

Upon registration you need to verify that you are a certified health-expert in your respective field. We make sure, that only verified information is being shared on femble.

Women´s Health

Your topics should focus on women (menstruating people). We'll help you find trends and relevant topics, but you are in charge of what you want to share.

Holistic Understanding

We believe in school medicine but also recognize the value of a holistic approach for some issues. Your expertise can be in classical or holistic medicine.

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