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  • super slim and wearable under your clothes
  • soft peace-silk cover
  • up to 6h of soothing warmth
  • shape holds the moon-pad in position
  • iOS and Android App coming soon (Sleep Mode, Meditation Mode, More Heat Levels)
  • 30 day money back guarantee when we launch
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How does the moon-pad work?
Two years of developement and endless prototypes led to an smart battery pack which nourishes the moon-pad with the energy it needs. By using the latest technology we make sure the moon-pad distributes soothing heat around the whole surface. All by being super-slim so that it is wearable under your clothes.
How do I wear the moon-pad?
Not only to we believe in the connection between women and the moon, our half-moon shape is also a perfect fit for the lower belly. You can wear the moon-pad between your slip and belly. The half-moon shape prevents the moon-pad from gliding out ouf position, even when you jump and run.
How hot does the moon-pad get?
Three individual heat levels let you find your perfect heat. As a guidline, the moon-pad gets about as hot as a soothing warm bath.
When do I use the moon-pad?
Essentially, the moon-pad can be used in any kind of situation when we feel like taking a mindful pause, when we feel cold or when we, as women, experience a lack of energy (be it menstruation, digestive issues or hormonal imbalances).
More information needed?
As a start-up we know that sometimes there are still questions we haven´t answered yet. Feel free to contact our dedicated support team via if you have additional inquiries.
"Mindful Moments during Menstruation, Meditation, Rituals"