Hi, we founded femble

More than just a brand, femble aims to inspire a mindful and purposeful way of seeing, thinking, and living. Through our work, we hope to encourage meaningful conversations on the idea of well-being and what it truly means. Femble is our response to an ever-increasing fast pacing life.

The founder of femble.


Like so many, I never really found time to slow down. I sought to take charge of my inner well-being rather than being at the mercy of modern challenges. What I sought was a tool that would remind me of slowing down and relax – just like my hot-water bottle, but anywhere & at any time.

Femble is our response to an ever-increasing fast pacing life.

The moon-pad is our response to the archaic hot-water bottle.


It’s hard to find moments of calmness in today’s daily hustle and bustle. We’re continuously bombarded with stressful stimuli. That’s when we understood that wellbeing has to be prioritized by establishing rituals which engage all our senses. We want to provide the perfect complements to your rituals, cold moments and days when you feel worse than usual.

We want femble to be a synonyme for daily wellbeing.

What we believe in


While the "fem" in femble stands for female, the "ble" stands for ensemble, the french word for together. We believe to achieve real equality, we all have to work together.


It is our ambition to create awareness of the urge to take your time to ensure your daily wellbeing. We want to create a portable space which allows you a time-out whenever you need it.


We are advocates for traceability. That´s why we are working with suppliers who responsibly source our materials. You can contact us 24/7 with the promise that we will try to answer all of your questions.


Femble takes a mindful approach to manufacturing and materiality as far as possible. We are committed to creating tools that are good for the body, mind and environment.

Meet the moon-pad®