A team of impact-driven people.

Lina Graf
Co-Founder & CEO

Mindful Leader

Daniel Steiner
Co-Founder & COO

Engine with Purpose

Lena Gerlach
Lead Medical Data

Health and Tech-Allrounder

Thomas Schwarz
Lead Software

Systematic Creator

Andreas Peintner
Lead Artificial Intelligence

Inclusive High-Tech Expert

Univ. Prof. Primary Doctor DDr. Peter Widschwendter
Medical Advisor

Gynaecologist with a vision

Benedicta Apuamah
Diversity Advisor

Optimistic Gamechanger

What we believe in

Our Values

“Fem-health has been neglected for centuries. Women don´t find the space to talk about their hormonal health and often have to remain silent. I don´t want to be silent anymore. With femble we are companions, at good times and even more at bad times."


CEO of femble

While the "fem" in femble stands for female, the "ble" stands for ensemble, the french word for together. We believe to achieve real equality, we all have to work together.

Gender Equality

Mindfulness and consciousness have to be daily practices. That´s why everything we develop fits your daily routines neatlessly.


At Femble, we embrace diversity and inclusivity by acknowledging that not all individuals who menstruate identify as women. Our hormonal cycle tracking app is designed to support and empower all individuals who track their menstrual cycles, regardless of their gender identity. We are committed to creating a safe and welcoming environment for everyone who uses our platform.


We are advocates for transperancy. We make sure that users and patients know where their data lands.


It is our ambition to create awareness of the urge to take your time to ensure your daily wellbeing - in particular in alignment with our natural hormonal cycle.

Good Health & Wellbeing